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Did you see our potatoes on BBC's Dragons' Den?!

What a s-mash-ing experience it was to appear on the BBC's Dragons' Den. A huge amount of work, interviews, auditions and practice runs just to get to the final filming stage. Thank you to all our best-spuddies who have sent us jolly messages of support and potato love!

It was hard not to turn into mash in front of the formidable dragons but a potato message in the mail sure filled the den with a spud-tacular amount of laughter and fun! That's why everyone should send a potato message in the mail!

While Dragons' Den and BBC certainly hadn't seen personalised, anonymous potato gifts in the post before, we know you guys love sending potato parcels!

If you missed it, you can watch it on BBC iplayer now or we will air again on BBC Two on Thursday night. Here's some snap shots for you in the mean time... Also don't forget there's free shipping on all orders at the moment!

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