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Mother's day gifts that are better than flowers...

'Mum you gave me the world, in exchange I give you this potato'

Text-A-Potato customer

Our Mother's day potato parcels are now available. The best way to express your love is via a potato, and boy have we made that easy for you this year! Isn't it time you sent your Mum a potato in the mail for Mother's day?

Following last years sell out Mother's day potato gifts, we have stepped up our spud game and have created these sexy ladies for your spud-tacular Mums!

Imagine your Mum's excitement when she hears a knock at the door and there's a parcel for her,

Mum: "Who, me?"

Courier: "Yes Mam"

Mum: "Why thank you kind delivery man"

Mum continues to open the parcel with much anticipation, after rummaging through some packaging in the mysterious mail delivery, she discovers THIS...

texta potato mothers day novelty gift in the mail

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