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Incredible reasons to celebrate Valentine's day with a potato in the post..

- A potato gift will save you from angry, sword welding partners

- If you're too embarrassed to tell someone you like them make a potato do it instead...

- A potato can help if you are Finnish and just want to celebrate 'Friend's Day' (this is a real thing)

- You want to make yourself look cool and in demand

- You need a new best-spud because your other pal is going out to dinner with their annoying lover

- Your spidery parts tingle when you think of someone but you're too broke to buy them 14 dozen roses

- You need a potato in the mail to express your love because you are a cold fish who struggles with casual love and affection

- You have many lovers and have run out of gift ideas

- Luurve

- You are still reading this so just buy the damn Valentine's day potato gift, it's truly romantic and under £10 and Valentine's day is soon and you still haven't thought of anything better...

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