These are not the typical, optimistic fortune cookie you've come to know and love. Instead hidden inside each of these delicious treats is an outrageous, probably insulting but always hilarious fortune.


  • Each gift box includes ten individually wrapped cookies with an assortment of questionable fortunes
  • Includes gift packaging (so no need to add at check out)!


Watch friends and family excitedly grab their cookie, carefully pull it apart to see their illustrious future... But while these look and taste every bit the normal fortune cookie, the message inside is deviously unfortunate!


End a dinner party on a sweet note, or as a spud-tacular addition at baby showers/Christmas lunch, stocking stuffers or birthday gifts. Wherever you feel like being a bit evil and want some entertainment!

As an added bonus, instructions are included on how to play a fun, sightly evil game using these misfortunate cookies!


  • The un-fortunate fortune cookies are made from a mix of eggs, butter, sugar, vanilla extract, rapeseed oil and flour.

    The shelf life of each box is 11 months.