Your pretty damn sexy, so it's about time you plastered yourself all over a massive blanket.

    After placing your order, just email a high-quality photo – we'll do the rest!

    • Two sizes available, small 100x75cm or medium 140x103cm
    • Blankets are printed edge to edge on one side

    • Made with a non-fray plush, silky smooth, single layer polar fleece

    • Use a single image or create a collage of the same image multiple times

    • Printed with environmentally friendly water-based inks
    • High-quality digital print via dye sublimation, it won’t fade over time!
    • Machine washable up to 30 degrees, hang dry
    • Dispatched in 2-4 business days
    • Made in old London town


    Great for house warmings, farewells, anniversaries, your pet’s birthday or maybe you just want a blanket with yourself naked on it to impress the ladies/guys.


    Use any hilarious, embarrassing, inappropriate or beautiful photo of yourself, friend, family member, celebrity, pet, politician, lover or boss etc.


    It’s time to wrap yourself up in happy memories (wow, that's possibly the nicest thing we've ever written...).


    • Image Requirements:

      Blankets will be ready within 3-6 working days.

      After you have completed your order, you will be emailed within 24 hours by the design team requesting your photo. Otherwise feel free to send a glorious face to 'sales@textapotato.com'.

      Important notes:

      • It's best to use a light, high quality image. If the face is shadowed it may affect the product's quality as we use a ‘super black’ sublimation ink for quality purposes and this tends to darken the colours
      • Best results are from images that are bright, close, in day light, without a heavy filter and facing forward
    • We will send an email requesting your image. All you have to do is respond and attach the desired photo. Easy!

      You will receive this email within 24 hours, otherwise please feel free to email your image to sales@textapotato.com with your order number at any time!