There's no better way to express your love than via the medium of a potato! This spud is a special gift for the banger to your mash.

This potato parcel includes a personalised message, red rose petals and of course a sexy potato.


You can even opt to add the world's smallest bottle of whisky inside, scare the pants off your best-spud with an exploding butterfly or add a hilarious replica heart keychain. This way your love organ is always close to them (altogether now, oww).


       Want your sexy spud delivered on Valentine's day (Feb 14)?     

                      You can choose this at check out!                  

Need some inspiration for your spud message? How about:
We're a mash made in heaven
Couldn't afford flowers, so I got you this!
I spuddy love you

Be my spud-muffin?

Guess this means we're in a serious relation-chip

Let's mash

You're a-peel-ing

Didn't know what else to get you...


Add Exploding Butterfly? £1.99
Add world's smallest bottle of whisky? £2.99
Add Heart Keyring? £4.99
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