Know someone who needs to find Jesus Yeah, us too. Better buy this book then.

Guide your best-spud's toward the light and keep your eyes peeled because it'll take a miracle for your pals to find Jesus. If they keep the faith though, your spuddies can proudly annouce they've 'finally found Jesus'!

When Jesus told his disciples, "I am with you always," most people assumed he was just adding a little figurative, feel good-good flourish. Turns out, Christ is a pretty literal guy. On each page of Finding Jesus, the Son of God is hidden in a crowded scene. The reader must "find Jesus" in the detailed illustrations and it's not always easy, what with Jesus's propensity for walking on water and turning the other cheek!

Our Savior is everywhere you go. Not in a creepy Police song way, per se, but more like a Godly wingman who knows how to appear and disappear on cue.... Bearded hipster or God's right-hand man? Hard to tell. Robe-wearing hippie or the risen Lord out for a good time? 


Who knows, maybe the people you know will never find Jesus...

  • Hardcover
  • 40 pages
  • By Winston Rowntree
  • Suitable for readers of all ages
  • Perfect gift for believers and skeptics alike

  • Receivers will be in raptures with this eternally enjoyable book
  • Great bathroom reader

    "Seek and ye shall find"
    - Jesus