When a message on a potato isn't quite enough, it's time to up the ante and send a potato parcel covered in confetti, featuring your sexy face (or any image for that matter).

It could be a picture of the lucky recipient's ugly mug, a celebrity, pet or your infected ingrown toenail. Whatever you're into.


  • One seriously sexy, extra large potato
  • A personalised potato message
  • Lots of small confetti with your glorious image littered throughout the box
  • Lovingly packaged
  • Free and anonymous standard postage


    1. Place your order
    2. An email will be sent once our spuddies are ready to create your sexy photato
    3. Simply upload your image via this email
    4. Sit back and prepare to bask in your hilarity
    5. If this is all too stressful, you can always email your image directly to sales@textapotato.com and we will file it away for you, our best-spud

    For the face confetti, we are unable to use multiple images or images with lots of people in them. High quality images work best.