These fluttering, flying, and downright fearless butterflies have been carefully created to fit into all of our s-mash-ing gifts!


Add these devious critters to any parcel or card for an extra surprise upon opening. Guaranteed to give the lucky recipient the fright of their life, and you, endless tears of joy. 

If ordering an exploding butterfly alone, the flying beast will be sent inactive so you can easily add the butterfly to any gift, pot, book, kettle or under your sister's pillow. The flying paper butterfly will be sent with simple activation instructions.

You can also add these fluttering critters to any of our other spuddy great gifts, including personalised clothing. We will ensure your parcel is set up so that when the lucky recipient opens your gift, this flying albatross (aka butterfly/moth) will shoot right out upon opening! All you have to do is wait for your best-spud's abusive text, or listen our for their screams!


The flying butterflies can be used more than once. So feel free to continue pranking all those you love. Fantastic as a goodbye gift at work, anniversary momento, a birthday surprise or a simple 'I couldn't resist scaring the pants off you'.