'I love you' has eight letters but so too does 'potatoes'. If that's not a sign from the Lord above to send your best-spud a, well, spud then we don't know what is! 


This year your beloved's Valentine gift will look something like this...

  • An incredibly unsubtle, bright red box from 'Satisfying Sex Toys.com' will land at their door
  • The courier will refuse to make eye contact. There is no escape, every single side of this box is branded. There is no way they can hide what naughty gift they've been sent, you cheeky devil


  • While the lucky recipient's face will match the red box, inside your spuddy will find red rose petals and a sexy potato with your very own personal message professionally inscribed


Everyone likes to show off their spud-cial presents, we've just made it that little more memorable.

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