A truly delightful way to embarrass those you love.


This s-mash-ingly unsubtle parcel is delivered by courier with large, bold, and damnright obnoxious branding for 'SATISFYING SEX TOYS.com'. There is nowhere to hide when this mail lands on your best-spud's desk or front door.


Perfect for a friend who has just started a new job, your boss, a pal who needs cheering up, a newly single spuddy or just a spud-tanious surprise. 


Guaranteed to cause maximum cringe, and denial including 'that's not mine', 'I didn't order this', 'I am a pious monk', followed by 'who the spuddy hell sent me this?'


Can be sent directly to the lucky recipient at their workplace, parent's home, girlfriend/boyfriend's flat, or their own house. Whatever your (evil) heart desires, as the sender is completely anonymous.



  • Professional branding and HD printing for 'satisfyingsextoys.com' on all sides of the box (so no need to add this box at check out)
  • The box also has, 'Never feel lonely again. Thank you for your order' across the top and sides
  • Inside is one of our gloriously sexy potatoes
  • A personalised message added to the potato
  • A small card saying 'Yep. This is a gift. Congratulations you must be very important'
  • Free standard delivery


If your best-spud tries to sue you, we are not liable...