When was the last time you carefully considered the colour of a cat’s anus?


Would you like page eight’s cat butthole to be more taupe? Soft pink? Dark brown? Fluffy orange? Never have you experienced a colouring like this! It even includes kittens!


On its own this is probably the best gift idea ever (other than every other gift on this website – obviously), but being Text A Potato we thought our spuddies need MORE.


So, we’ve handmade and embossed a set of pencils with rude, possibly insulting words to go with the colouring book. We’re nice like that.


Buy one for your co-worker, one for your best spud, and another for your Grandma. They’ll probably laugh their butt’s off.


This gift set includes 10 coloured pencils with a variety of sweary words inscribed and a colouring book featuring high quality 60lb (90gsm), bright white,  paper stock.


       *Add an endless singing prank card for a spud-cial discount price of £5.99*

                            *FREE standard postage on all order over £10*


Add an endless singing prank card?