You probably know someone who:

  • Gets lonely
  • Is maybe a touch needy?
  • Has no more options left on Tinder & Grindr
  • Is newly single (again)


HEY, maybe it's just the standard commitment issues, or that you’re heading away for a while? Whatever the issue, you should buy your pal this sexy man pillow because you’re a nice person.


With chiselled abs, and pecs like Schwarzenegger in the 80s (but with an inexplicably erect nipple), this handsome pillow will always give you a cuddle with its life-like arm and hand, while providing a shoulder to cry on.


Cosy up and feel the beautifully soft, insulated body of this handsome chap. This seriously supportive muscle man/pillow will always make you feel comfortable, and is a great listener. This guy has got your back (and neck).


Don’t forget! Size matters, and this guy is a solid 46x45x20cms. Plus, you can also use him as a neck pillow if travelling – particularly great on a hen’s do!


£24.99 Regular Price
£21.99Sale Price