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Sending spuds in the mail has set Twitter alight!

Oh sweet potato pals. What lovely, kindred spirits we are. Your tweets are so spuddy great that it fills our belly's with fire and mash, an interesting combination one must say...

For all those that are lost when it comes to buying a gift.

We are here for you.

True love is witnessed through potato gifting, and in turn we love seeing your tweets of support and potato love.

For all those who have received an anonymous potato in the post.

No, we will not tell you who it is from.

No, we will not even give you a hint.

No, we will not throw potatoes at your neighbour.

No, we will not dance naked for you in a potato costume.

Check out some of the spuddy brilliant tweets from our best-spuds.

text a potato funny potato messages

text a potato gift ideas for the post

textapotato original novelty gifts in mail

textapotato funny messages on potatoes

text a potato on twitter

textapotato friends gifts on spuds in the post

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