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New potato gift alert! It involves your face. On a potato.

We know you are a s-mash-ingly good looking bunch.

We know that all potatoes are sexy and glorious.

It's time to combine these two things, and send photo potatoes in the mail.

That's right. Any image you like, on a potato with your personalised message on the flip side.

Send you handsome face, a picture of a llama riding a goat, or an image of the receiver in a moment of spud-tacular glory, such as New Years eve at 3am.

It is the perfect combination of random, funny and thoughtful. Boy, you are a good person to be friends with. You can purchase your photo potato via this link

textapotato photo in the post
textapotato photo gift
textapotato funny gift parcel in the mail

text a potato personalised message on spud

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