If the mankini version of this mini me isn't quite right at this festive time of year, fret not! Here we have the spud-tacular Christmas versions of our slightly creepy, but super fun face dolls.


Spuddy great as a secret santa, or an 'I didn't know what else to get' gift, or even the olde' - 'I need to voodoo a collegue after that Christmas party'.


Add any image you like for the face. We always recommend that you use a high-resolution, bright image to avoid the risk of a pixelated, shadowy or blurry image.


  • Handmade in Yorkshire
  • A hefty 18”/46cm tall to 13”/33cm wide
  • Ready in 4-7 working days


What sexy festive body would you like?
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    • Sit back and prepare to bask in your hilarity
    • If this is all too stressful, you can always email your image directly to sales@textapotato.com and we will file it away for you