This is one cunning cluster f*ck of a puzzle. There are no regular jigsaw shapes, and no two shapes are the same plus each piece is a funny looking cat. There are 299 different shaped pieces, oh and one dog.

Look, Covid has brought us to the point where we’ll try anything new. For some, it’ll be this insane cluster puzzle that's so damn hard we don’t even know if it’s possible to complete.


Have you got what it takes?


  • 299 Cats (and a dog): A Feline Cluster Puzzle

  • 300 piece jigsaw/267 x 267 mm
  • Includes a charmingly printed & sturdy box
  • Illustrations by Léa Maupetit
  • Maddening gift for puzzlers, families, kids and pet lovers

  • The puzzle includes a frame that you should build first to help with the outline, but you can remove it as you start connecting the pieces

  • Includes a 'cheat sheet' just in case you start hissing at local cats