Not sure how to thank that collegue at work who saved you from being fired? Or your best-spud for helping you home after a few too many? The answer is to send them a thank you potato. This handsome spud will truly express how much you appreciate them and that they are spud-tacular!

Includes your personal message, 'you are a star' gift tag, gift packaging, gift card and of course a very sexy potato.

Need some inspiration for your spud message? How about:
Thank you for being my best-spud!

Thanks! You are the best spud in the world!

I'm broke, but congrats

In exchange for all your help, have this...

Please accept this as repayment for the debts owed

Why not go all out for your spuddy and throw in the world's smallest bottle of whisky, or scare the pants off them with an exploding butterfly inside the box? Only £2.99!