This carefully created prank gift plays incredibly loud cricket sounds, and chirps non-stop for 8+ hours.


Seriously. It evens plays the cricket sounds at irregular times so wherever you decide to hide this devilish thing it is almost impossible to track down. It will drive the (un)lucky recipient mad!


As an added bonus, one side of the card is sticky, so you can place your new pet anywhere, under the boss' desk, in your Mum's car, your sister's handbag, inside a lamp, or under your best mate's bed.


If the recipient does eventually find the source, there is nothing they can do to turn it off and better yet there is space to add your own personal note so you can remind your best-spud how great you are.


As a little bonus, we have also stuffed the card with glitter. So when the deranged recipient finally finds where the maddening sound is and rip the card, they end up covered in finely milled glitter that sticks to everything.


The secret cricket be sent 'inactive', you can turn this bad boy on and hide it whenever and wherever you please.