Looking for the ultimate way to propose? Well here it is! A perfect British spud gets the royal treatment to ensure that you get the all important 'YES' to that big question! Or at least a good story at the pub.

Your sexy spud's box is filled with shredded paper, littered with red rose petals and carefully wrapped up in sparkly paper. Ensuring safe delivery and surprise presentation.

Our most powerful potato that will definitely work for life's big questions.

If choosing to have it delivered directly to the lucky recipient, we will let you know a delivery time so you can nervously bite your nails.


Why not go all out for your best-spud and throw in the world's smallest bottle of whisky, or scare the pants off them with an exploding butterfly inside the box? Only £2.99!


You can now make every item utterly memorable, by choosing 'embarrassing' packaging at check out. This will see your glorious parcel professionally wrapped in a very public, cringe worthy 'satisfying sex toy' box! (Insert evil laugh)



Add Exploding Butterfly
Add world's smallest bottle of whisky