When a message on a potato alone isn't enough,  up the ante and send an anonymous spud with your favourite image and message on it.


It could be a picture of your divine face, the lucky recipient's mug, your ingrown toenail, or a celeb, pet or your favourite ice cream!


Includes one seriously sexy potato with your choosen image, a personal message, packaging and free standard delivery!


Add romantic rose petals or a birthday sign (only 99p) for extra a-peel, or go all out & throw in the world's smallest whisky and an exploding butterfly for only £1.99. There's a spud-cial discount if you add everything!


    1. Place your order
    2. The team will send you an email requesting your photo (this will be sent within 24hrs)
    3. Simply upload your image via this email
    4. Sit back and prepare to bask in your hilarity
    5. If this is all too stressful, you can always email your image directly to and we will file it away for you

    It's best to use a single face image. We are unable to use multiple images or images with lots of people in them. Please use a high quality image for best results.