This is so much better than flowers! Surprise Mum with a gift unlike anything she's seen before. Afterall, there's no better way to express your love than via the medium of a potato!

This spuddy great package includes:

  • A huge, sexy potato
  • Your own personalised message professionally inscribed
  • A sprinkling of rose petals
  • A small business card reading 'Yep. This is a potato. Congratulations you must be very important'

You can also add a hilarious butterfly that explodes out upon opening and/or a thoughtful Mother's Day card so you can adequately explain why you you sent Mumsie a potato. Bonus! Add either of these, and receive free standard delivery (automatically applied at checkout)!


If you're lucky, maybe she'll make you chips!

*Gift and embarrassing packaging can be selected at checkout*


Add an exploding butterfly inside? £1.99
Add a witty and charming card? £2.99
  • Need some help with your best-spud's potato message? How about:

    • Couldn't afford flowers, so I got you this!
    • Thanks for being a spuddy brilliant mum
    • Mum, you gave me the world so I got you this
    • You keep telling me to save, so I started!
    • Have a spud-tacular day Mum
    • Sorry my gigantic head ruined your vagina