With age comes great wisdom, and saggy lady tassles.


Yep, it happens to all ladies - those perky puddings gradually, over time, become ever so slightly soggy socks. But fret not - the ageing process should be embraced because there are SO many amazing things that can be done with their new dangle bags.

So send a gift that celebrates that spud-cial lady getting older (alongside their saggy assets), and let the puppies out - it's playtime! This gift bundle is all about the joys of growing old disgracefully!


  • An entertaining and useful coffee table (or bathroom) book entitled 'Surprising Uses For Saggy Boobs'
  • A spud-cial birthday card (blank inside)
  • Gift wrapping featuring numerous saggy socks/boobs
  • Free standard delivery
  • A card inside reading 'Yep. This is a gift. You must be very important'
  • This bundle will be professionally gift wrapped and delivered to your pal amongst raucous laughs, meaning great power and glory will be yours