It's true, bigger is better, and boy oh boy is this gift BIG. It's huge infact.


At over 90cms long this inflatated penis is a present that won't go unnoticed (particularly if you send it to a work place...)

Whilst your best-spud's new willy is carefully blown up and delivered in a box that's a massive 1m long, and covered in bright red, fragile tape and stickers. It's literally impossible not to notice this courier delivered, mysterious package. 


This huge parcel has no branding, nor sender details included anywhere inside or outside the box. You can opt to include a card inside with a hand written note, should you be feeling thoughtful.


Your spuddy will think something truly s-mash-ing has been sent to them, and it has. It's just not quite what they're expecting...


Perfect for a newly engaged couple, bucks or hens invitations, your Grandad's birthday, or maybe your ex who is a bit of a dick. 


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  • Due to the immense size of this box and willy, we're unable to offer next-day delivery on this item.