We all know the type. They laugh at weird moments, they replace comfortable silences with awkward ones, they say peculiar things. They often get in the way on the dance floor - panic - then hide in the corner.


Sometimes they try to get the attention of a waiter by making a weird, uncertain arm gesture but when the waiter ignores them pretend like they were stretching. 


We love them, but boy do these spuddies need some help with their awkward arse existence.


Perfect for your beloved partner, your weird co-worker (or maybe your boss if this year’s secret Santa is anonymous), or maybe you’re already the boss & you’ve accidently hired a bunch of looneys who need a lot of help.


The perfect gift to make your best-spud’s genuinely laugh at loud. Great on the coffee table or in the toilet to help ease small chat.


We were going to write something far wittier but we’re too busy choking on our coffees while laugh-crying at how much we relate to this book. Just buy it.


120 pages


Add an a-peel-ing card? £2.99