If those pretty looking coffee table books, and a Jane Austin novel had a baby. We're pretty sure these books would be their demented love child.


Filled with poetic prose and practical life advice. These hilarious titles are sure to entice every guest that sets their eyes upon them. Seriously, just watch as people grab the book, immediately start reading it, and then try not to choke on their coffee or aggressively push out the poo they're doing in your bathroom.


This bargain bundle allows you to pick any book title and we'll also include:

  • A prank Christmas card that once pressed, sings a hilariously annoying, yet festive tune 200 times non stop. Yep, continuous singing that can't be turned off
  • An exploding butterfly that shoots out upon opening the card
  • Your book of choice and the above, all wrapped up in spud-cial Christmas packaging so you literally don’t have to do a thing - other than bask in your gifting glory
  • Free standard delivery


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Book Options
ACTIVE or SAFE package?
  •                           *This package can be sent in two modes:*

    Active - Best option if sending directly to the recipient:

    Means we handwrite your message inside the prank card, and it will immediately sing on loop once pressed by the recipient. The butterfly will also be active and explode out.


    Safe - Best option if gifting in person:

    Means the card will be sent blank, and you can safely write inside and activate it whenever ready. The butterfly will also be calmly awaiting your evil ways, as will the gift wrapping!

    Super easy instructions for activation are provided.