How annoying are those spuddies who have everything? Very.


Bet they're not a Lord or Lady though - so make them one this Christmash. Officially and legally. Plus, immortalise their now posh face into a custom made, and personalised aristocratic framed artwork.


This noble set includes:

  • A legal deed of entitlement, granting the recipient an official title of Lord or Lady 
  • A personalised and framed noble artwork featuring your best-spud's face, and a plaque stating their new, and impressive title
  • An endless singing prank card - plays a non-stop loop of a horrible Xmas song over 200 times straight that can't be turned off
  • An exploding butterfly that shots out of the card upon opening
  • Should your best-spud need a drink after receiving such a glorious gift, we added the World's smallest bottle of whisky for extra lols
  • Free standard postage


This bargain bundle has everything for the spud who now has everything.

Need more info on the title and artwork? Click here


FULL RRP: £59.99!


£59.99 Regular Price
£44.99Sale Price
ACTIVE or SAFE package?
  •                             *This package can be sent in two modes:*

    Active - Best option if sending directly to the recipient:

    Means we handwrite your message inside the prank card, and it will immediately sing on loop once pressed by the recipient. The butterfly will also be active and explode out.

    Safe - Best option if gifting in person:

    Means the card will be sent blank, and you can safely write inside and activate it whenever ready. The butterfly will also be calmly awaiting your evil ways!

    Super easy instructions for activation are provided.

  • Depending on the angle, quality and colour of the images you send. We will select the sexiest noble art for your loved one’s face.

    The vast majority of artworks we use are oil paintings from ~18th century. Due to the large number of artworks we draw from, it means that the exact body and/or image you receive will likely not be shown here, but rest assured we only choose the very best to match your photo so that it’s seamless!

    All of our artwork is regal and refined, so your friend’s face will look incredibly posh.

    Once you have placed your order, you will receive an email (within 24 hours) requesting image/s for the artwork. Otherwise feel free to send them straight away to ''.

    It is best to send at least three photos (from different angles) if you can, but if you only have one that’s fine! The closer the image, the higher the quality and brightness - the better the artwork will look!

    As every order is custom made and personalised, please allow 3-5 working days before dispatch.