We love them dearly, but sometimes you need to remind your loved ones (or maybe employer, best-spud, your ex, etc) that they are, infact, a giant dick.


Hence why we created this special package, which includes:

  • A huge inflated schlong, measuring about 1m long
  • A book titled '101 Things To Do With A Huge Willy'
  • A pop up dick card featuring hairy pubes
  • A gigantic box covered in fragile stickers and tape
  • Free standard, courier delivery


This solid bundle will be carefully delivered and packaged inside a MASSIVE box, and works particularly well when received at an office or old person's home as there's simply nowhere to hide this giant willy and accompanying goodies. Otherwise let the gift take centre stage at their birthday brunch this year!

Ahh, isn't gifting fun?!


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£27.99Sale Price