Perfect gift is used all too often, but when it means you get to experience the utter joy of deeply embarrassing your friend's or family, then this package truly ticks all the 'perfect gift' requirements.


Our cringe worthy, 'SatisfyingSexToys.Com' box can be delivered by our courier to any home, office, shop, apartment, navel base etc, and boy, does it get a reaction!


As it's gifting time, and we delight in adding to your best-spud's embarrassment - we've added the below to this thoughtful package:

  • A delicious six inch, solid Belgian chocolate willy
  • A delightful pop up hairy dick card
  • A reminder to “eat a dick” on the inside of the box
  • Outrageous, bright red, and very public, sex toy packaging
  • Free standard (and anonymous) delivery


£19.99 Regular Price
£17.99Sale Price