Deck the halls with booze and carols, fa, la, la, la, la, la, la.

Tis the season to be jolly, fa lalalala la la la la.

Buy this gift or you'll be sorry, fa la la la la la lalala.


Woah, that escalated. Must be all that booze and Christmas jollyness, hence why we created this s-mash-ing gift! Put away the expensive Champagne and grab yourself a far superior (and cheaper) present.


Wind up your spuddies with this boozy bundle, which includes:

  • The World’s smallest bottle of whisky, beautifully presented on a stand so the recipient can admire their new, majestic drink
  • A prank Christmas card that once pressed, sings a hilariously annoying, yet festive tune over 200 times on loop. Yep, non stop, and it can't be turned off
  • A butterfly that explodes out of the card once opened for added lols
  • Everything gift wrapped in our festive paper that's plastered with "Let's Get Fucking Wankered. Fa La La La La La"
  • Free standard delivery


For those who enjoy being a bit of an evil grinch, you can also add our prank scratch card that guarantees a win of £10,000!


£26.99 Regular Price
£16.99Sale Price
Safe or Active Package?
Add An Always Win Scratch Card? £2.99
  •                                *This package can be sent in two modes:*

    Active - Best option if sending directly to the recipient:

    Means we handwrite your message inside the prank card, and it will immediately sing on loop once pressed by the recipient. The butterfly will also be active and explode out, and we will wrap the gift.


    Safe - Best option if gifting in person:

    Means the card will be sent blank, and you can safely write inside and activate it whenever ready. The butterfly will also be calmly awaiting your evil ways, as will the gift wrapping!

    Super easy instructions for activation are provided.