It's that time of year again and no doubt you want the sheer pleasure of having the most wanted 'stealing santa' gift, or you've scored dull Dave again in the office Kris Kringle and you're fresh out of ideas.


This bonkers bundle includes a hilarious:

  • Adult colouring book full of cat butts
  • Ten multi-coloured sweary pencils
  • A Christmas card that sings a delightful, yet horrible jig on loop over 200 times
  • A butterfly that explodes out of the card upon opening
  • A pair of festively, dodgy Xmas socks
  • All packaged up in Christmas gift wrap


£30.99 Regular Price
£19.99Sale Price
ACTIVE or SAFE package?
  •                           *This package can be sent in two modes:*

    Active - Best option if sending directly to the recipient:

    We handwrite your message inside the prank card, and it will immediately sing on loop once pressed by the recipient. The butterfly will also be active and explode out, and we will wrap the parcel.

    Safe - Best option if gifting in person:

    The card will be sent blank, and you can safely write inside and activate it whenever ready, the butterfly will also be calmly awaiting your evil ways.

    Super easy instructions for activation are provided.