Look, you may not be perfect but you could be worse, so you may as well send Dad a potato for Father's day. An awkward hug is not a gift FYI.


Plus a potato parcel is quite the spud-tacular gift so we've heard. Well, that's what we softly whisper to one another in the office...

We've digressed.


To make your Dad's spud-cial present really a-peel-ing it includes:

  • A seriously large, real, sexy potato
  • Your own personal message professionally inscribed on the spud
  • Colourful confetti that pops out on opening
  • A poster that reads 'SURPRISE! I actually bought you a gift. Dad you're rad'
  • A small card inside saying, 'Yep. This is a gift. Congratulations you must be very important.'


If you and your Dad are best-spuds, you can also add :

  • The 'World's smallest bottle of whisky', seriously, it's in the Guinness book of records
  • And/or scare the sh*t out of Dad with a fluttering butterfly - this will explode out upon opening alongside the confetti!

Add any of these and automatically get free standard delivery - how do you like them apples (or you know, potatoes).




You're a sexy wildebeest and don't let anyone tell you different.


    • Can't give you a hug, so I sent you a spud
    • Me being your child is the true gift
    • Please accept this potato as a token of my poverty
    • You're welcome
    • You're a spud-tacular Dad!
    • Dad you gave me life, so I give you this
    • I'm really good looking, thanks Dad!
    • You're spuddy great
    • Didn't know what else to get you