It's time to solidify your status as favourite child, by sending your Dad this very spud-cial Father's day package.


Just in case you're worried that a potato alone may not suffice, we've thoughtfully included the following spud-tacular gifts inside this hilarious parcel deal:

  • The world's smallest bottle of whisky. Literally. It has a Guinness World Record.
  • A very sexy potato, with an almighty sign saying 'Happy Father's Day'
  • A personal potato message
  • A scratch card that always wins at least {a fake} £10,000+ **insert Dad scream**
  • A fluttering butterfly that explodes out upon opening **even louder Dad scream**
  • Pretty gift packaging (no need to add this at check out)
  • A card that reads 'Yep, this is a gift. Congratulations you must be very important'
  • Free standard delivery


Dispatch Time
  • This parcel can be delivered straight to your Dad, or post it to yourself and gift it in person to see his reaction!

    ASAP: Means your order will be processed immediately

    Closer to Father's Day: Means your order will be received fresh, and 1-3 days before Father's day (Sunday 16th)


    To ensure delivery before Father's day, we strongly suggest you place your order by the below dates.
    Standard Postage: 11th June, 6pm
    Priority Postage: 12th June, 6pm
    Next Day Post: 13th June, 1pm