Do you choose your Father's day gifts like you'll choose his nursing home? Low cost and in a hurry?


Perfect. Buy this gift.


Aaand just in case you're worried that a potato alone may not suffice, we've thoughtfully included some spud-tacular extras with this Father's day bonzana bundle:

  • A very sexy potato
  • Your own personal message professionally enscribed on the spud
  • The world's smallest bottle of whisky. Literally, it has a Guinness World Record
  • A card to help explain yourself
  • Colourful confetti that pops out on opening
  • A poster that reads 'SURPRISE! I actually bought you a gift. Dad you're rad'
  • A note reading, 'Yep, this is a gift. Congratulations you must be very important'
  • Free standard delivery


If you're feeling a bit evil, you can also add a fluttering butterfly that explodes out with the confetti upon opening **insert hilarious Dad scream**.


Remind Dad why he loves his children.