Have you ever been called 'balloon face' before. No? Just us? Fair enough then.


Just in case you have (or haven't), here we have a glorious balloon featuring your unmissably creepy face.


This fun gift is beautifully packaged inside a spuddy great gift box. The decreet packaging and complete lack of branding allures your best-spud into thinking they've been sent something very special and mysterious. Which they obviously have, but they won't quite be expecting this.


Upon opening, your glorious mug (or any image of your choosing) will be mischievously smiling back at them on a jolly little balloon. On the back of the super close up face balloon is your own personal message.


The lucky recipient will have your face hanging around for days, at the office, in their room or, alongside their potato. The balloon lasts a very long time, and can even be re-inflated using the attached stick!



  • Professional HD printing
  • Personalised image 
  • Inflated balloon with detachable stick
  • Your own message printed on the back
  • Gift packaging (no need to add this at check out)

You can also opt to add rose petals (£1), the world's smallest bottle of whisky (£2.99) and/or a card (£2.99) to explain yourself. The world is truly your oyster, balloon face!


  • Please ensure you send a high quality image, as the photo will be stretched to fit across the balloon. This may cause some blurring if the image is a low resolution or quality.

    We will email you requesting a balloon image following your order within 24 hours. Otherwise please feel free to send your sexy image to sales@textapotato.com with your order number.