This is a birthday card like no other.  A seemingly innocent card outside but inside, it's just plain wicked.


Once opened this card doesn't stop singing a loud, and incredibly annoying 'happy birthday' song.


Open and close it as many times as you like, it won't stop. Throw it in the bin, it won't stop. Hide it in a freezer, it won't stop. It just keeps singing its frankly horrible, non-stop loop until the battery eventually dies hours later.

"As far as works of pure evil go, at least it's a very funny one"


"You know those candles you can't blow out? This is so much worse"


  • The card can be delivered in two settings, safe or active.

    This means you can test and stop the song, safely write inside without setting it off, and easily activate the card when you're ready to give it to the unlucky recipient.

    If adding an exploding butterfly, we'll also ensure the monstrous creature doesn't jump out at you, instead you can easily set it up when ready.

    If posting an active card yourself, ensure you protect the spud-tacular card or it may be triggered during transit and arrive flat! We strongly suggest using a box or thick bubble wrap.

    Best selected if sending straight to your best-spud. This means that the card will be sent ready to launch! As soon as the play button is pushed, the endless singing loop will commence.

    If you add a card message, this will be handwritten by our team​​​​​​, and we'll ensure the card is sent in protective packaging.

    If adding an exploding butterfly, we'll also ensure the fluttery critter shoots out from the card upon opening!