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This is a birthday card like no other. A seemingly innocent card but inside it's plain wicked. This is a card that once opened never stops singing a very annoying 'happy birthday' tune until the battery dies.


Open and close it as many times as you like, it won't stop. Throw it in the bin, it won't stop. Hide it in a cupboard, it won't stop. Punch it and it still won't shut up! The card has been specifically strengthened to take quite a serious flogging while the song continues. 

  • The battery is designed to last 3+ hours
  • It will play a very annoying "Happy Birthday" song on loop
  • Inside the card reads 'Forever....'


If you request us to write in the card it will be handwritten by one of our team members and send active. Otherwise the card can be delivered to you in 'safe mode' so you can open the card and write on it without setting off the music. You will also be able to sample the card's song if in safe mode.


To make your gift more evil - add an exploding butterfly inside for only £2.99! If in 'safe' mode, you can activate the butterfly yourself. Otherwise if in 'active' mode, we'll ensure the monstrous creature shoots out from the card upon opening!


"As far as works of pure evil go, at least it's a very funny one"


"You know those candles you can't blow out? This is so much worse"