As far as evil gifts go. This is probably one of the worst. Yep, it's that good.


Here we have what appears to be a sweet, jolly and cute balloon dog. Oh joy. What fun. What grace. Except, this dog comes with a card that once pressed, means old mate Woofles never.stops.barking. 


It's not a quiet little woof here and there, it's abhorrent noise pollution. There's multiple dogs barking at the same time, big ones, small ones, yappy ones, agressive ones. It a cacophony of evil noise.


Open and close the card as many times as you like, it won't stop.

Push the button a million times, the barking won't turn off.

The dogs will continuously bark on endless, non-stop loop until the battery dies, hours later.


  • The dog balloon will be delivered fully inflated and full of helium, with the card attached!