Bob perfectly sums up how we all feel about 2020. 


He's also s-mash-ing for those that dream of cuddling a seal and/or spending the night with a thicker than average mammal. Bob's their man. Albeit a soft, hyper-realistic, over-sized, chubby, stuffed blob seal version of one.


Bob the fluffy seal cushion looks so realistic because he's modelled after a real seal. Made in collaboration with Aquarium Kaiyukan, where the real Yuki seal lives. With near-perfect rotundity, a chubby seal is still a chubby seal, even if it isn’t real and it looks like a huge steamed bun.


  • Two sizes available: Big Bobby measures 60x30x28cms and Little Bob is a cute 30cm blob
  • Features a cute protruding snout, and flippers neatly tucked under a bulbous body
  • Made from a super soft blend of cotton
  • Delivered fully stuffed and ready for friendship
  • Loves pats


FYI: Know someone who wants a puppy for Christmas? Seals are known to be the dogs of the sea (other than the few times they drag small girls into the ocean), so Bob is pretty much a puppy without the hassle...